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  • RCA "Y" Audio Cable connects PC Sound Cards, portable CD players, MP-3 players or any mini-home stereo audio source with 3.5mm jacks to a stereo receiver or multimedia speakers.
  • New Audio Splitter Adapter Supports Various types of audio, video, AC, DC headphone plugs, sockets, plugs communications, phone plug, converter, SCART, air plug, BNC, banana plugs, switches, lathe parts and industrial connectors
  • This adapter is ideal for adapting the output of your mp3 player or phone to stereo RCA plugs for connecting to your home audio system.
  • Simply plug your audio device into the female 3.5mm connector using one of our standard male to male 3.5mm stereo audio cables and then connect to your home stereo through the two male RCA connectors.

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