Dear customer,

Hello and welcome to е-store LogicPC.

When you perform order, you declare that you understand and agree to some terms.

During registration for our Web store, you can choose to receive from us, from time to time, e-mail letters with information on sales promotions,

new product details, specifications of equipment and more. 

Of course you can always after the registration process without time limit, to change your preferences to receive, or not, information from LogicPC. 

Bylaws of the masculine version, but it also will serve on the fairer sex.

Our team exist experienced specialists, arranged to give correct solutions to their customers.

The е-store LogicPC online store used as "e-shop" for the purchase of products and services by the public in Israel.

The customers are advised to read these terms carefully and to declare that they did it as part of process of the purchase.

The sale on our website are intended for final customers (End User) and is not intended to be used as labeling or for resale.  

Given the dynamic pricing of personal computing products and rapid changes in foreign exchange rates, prices of the products offered for sale can change without notice.

We try to update the prices in response. Occasionally and unfortunately faults happen. We reserve the right to correct incorrect prices without notice about update changed prices.

If you ordered a product by the price in the wrong form, we'll create your reservation as soon as possible, to get approval from you to continue the booking process the revised price.

All prices for bookings through the website!  

Product availability in the e-store LogicPC varies according to availability at our, distributor’s and importer’s warehouses.

We try to be accurate as possible, but sometimes faults happen. The order confirmation does not guarantee product availability,

if a certain product isn’t available, we will contact the customer.

Product delivery times depend on availability at suppliers and importers and do not depend on us. We try to inform our customers as soon as possible.  

Returns goods can be returned in the original packing product only, within 14 days and receive a credit or refund.

Return product received in the original packing with all accompanying products.

Will not given a refund on shipping and handling fee. On the responsibility of the customer to send the product to е-store LogicPC back.

In accordance with the provisions of the law in Israel, the customer could lose $100 or 5% of the product value (the lower one) for handling and packaging. 

Unable to get back the software and operating systems.  Defective software will be replaced with the same product, without any credit,

unless the manufacturer asked to return all.  

Who is eligible to participate in website sales LogicPC? 

May attend anyone who meets all the following requirements: all eligible and qualified to perform legal actions are in accordance with the law.

Each ID is valid or any corporation registered in Israel. Israeli credit card holder or an international certificate issued by one of the credit card companies operating in Israel.

Has electronic mailbox on the Web. Physical address in Israel.   

The products and services offered at the store LogicPC any product or service offered on our shop "customer information" page that includes the product name,

catalog number in our system, retail price (including VAT), product image, specs and links to more information.

Pictures and videos are displayed on our website are for illustration purposes only.

The data specifications are taken from different manufacturers or from importers.

Limited warranty and is subject to the warranty conditions of the manufacturer and/or importer that is attached to the product.